Start With Why

At CityStasher, we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe we can connect up cities so people can travel around without being burdened by luggage. Let us share with you our vision:

Imagine London, one year from now. Matt is in London to see friends for the evening. Because he came straight from work, Matt has his work and his gym kit. A year ago, he would have been resigned to lugging these bags around all evening. If he was feeling lazy, he might have looked at station left-luggage, but he would have been put off by the high prices.

But today is a year in the future, and Matt doesn’t need to worry at all. He loads up the CityStasher app on his phone and in seconds has access to a map of hundreds of hosts within a mile radius. He finds a local store open until midnight, confirms the transaction, and a few minutes later shows up to drop off his bags. He is now free to enjoy the evening, unburdened by his luggage!

Now imagine a world connected – wherever you go, you can always find somewhere cheap and easy to store your luggage, for a few hours or a few months!

We believe this dream is just around the corner. We already have the website, a marketplace for people to sell their spare space as hosts so that our users can find places to store their luggage ( With enough hosts, we can build a powerful app to make this vision a reality.

#StorageRevolution #SeeLondonWithoutLuggage