3 Reasons to Use CityStasher Instead of Left Luggage Next Time You’re In London

1) Price – At £5 per day, we are cheaper than all left-luggage companies. For example, Excess Baggage Co charge £6 for under 3 hours storage at all major London train stations and £11 per day.

2) Beat the Queues! – With our range of hosts, you will never have to queue to drop off or pick up. So as well as saving you money, we save you time!

3) Support Local Business – We are signing up local businesses, like Michelle’s newsagents. We take 20%, which gives 80% to our hosts. So as well as supporting CityStasher – a cool start-up – your money goes towards local London businesses.

BONUS Reason: 4) As we continue to sign up more hosts, you will have a greater range of options with CityStasher than any other left-luggage service.