Our Next Steps


It’s been a very exciting last week here. With transactions rolling in every day, business is really starting to take off. Now seems like a good time to clearly outline our action plan for the next few months. As we see it, there are 3 priorities.

1) Tech Development – we now have an awesome and experienced tech guy on board! Thanos will be turning his considerable talents to redesigning our website (in particular, enabling smoother payments and allowing it to scale efficiently as we expand). He will also begin work on the CityStasher app – which we hope to unveil before the summer!

2) Signing up more Hosts – our business offering relies on having a good number of quality hosts spaced around the capital. We are taking care to verify all candidates so that only the most reliable hosts will be on CityStasher. If you run a small business that fits what we are looking for – or know someone who does – please get in contact with us. Similarly, if you think you would make a good CityStasher host (our most popular listings currently include former Airbnb hosts), do get in touch!

3) Marketing – we will continue to spread the word and target visitors to London! With Champions League matches coming up, we will be making a concerted effort to inform visitors to the city of our service. We will also be running  If you like CityStasher, please help us spread the word, as personal recommendations are more valuable than any other form of advertising.

So that’s the plan and those are the key areas!

Much love,

CityStasher Team