Expansion Plans

It’s been a while since our latest blog post, and in that time there’s been lots of news. A crazy amount in fact. In particular, we have expanded beyond London. We thought we’d take this blog post as an opportunity to explain what we’ve done so far and what our expansion plans are next year.

Since September, we have been trialling CityStasher in new locations. We started in Brighton, where we signed up two StashPoints on our first visit to the south coast’s lovely seaside town. On a second visit in October, we met up with Richard Pearson of Visit Brighton, who was instrumental in securing us another 3 StashPoints. The third – based right under Brighton pier – will be open for business in the Spring.

We also visited Oxford, Cambridge, Leeds and Manchester. We’re in talks with places in York, Belfast and Edinburgh as well. While London is still by far our busiest centre, business has been rolling in across the map, which is encouraging to see.

London is the hub of British tourism. Combined with the fact that we live there, it was the perfect place to launch CityStasher, and will likely always be one of our busiest hotspots.

However, the CityStasher vision extends beyond London. Indeed it extends beyond the UK. Our dream since we launched our first website in April 2016 was to cover the world in StashPoints, so that when you arrive in any major city, you will always be within walking distance of somewhere you can drop your bags.

The goal for 2017 is to cover the UK. Our strategy is to target the nation’s most popular tourist destinations. Major destinations we still intend to sign up include: Edinburgh, Belfast, York, Liverpool, Newcastle, Birmingham, Bristol and Bath. We are also considering port cities, like Southampton, Dover, Harwich and Portsmouth.

Is there anywhere you would like to see StashPoints? Or do you know a small business owner in one of the above locations that would make a perfect host? If so, please let us know!

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We are also making international expansion plans. In 2018, we will launch abroad, with Europe, the USA, Asia and Australia all on the agenda. With the speed things have moved already, it won’t be long before CityStasher New York, CityStasher Tokyo, CityStasher Sydney and CityStasher Berlin are all a reality!