Startup Interview Series

Continuing our startup interview series. This week, we interviewed our friends Marc & Florian from KeyNest!

Hosting on Airbnb? Meet KeyNest, then end of your key exchange troubles!


What is KeyNest?

KeyNest is a smart key exchange solution that enables Londoners to securely share their existing keys with their Airbnb guests, friends, cleaners, etc. Our growing network of local stores provides a welcoming place for your guests to collect your keys at their convenience.

I’m an Airbnb host – how can I use you?

Head here to create an account and add your keys. You can then generate a collection code for each guest. Just make sure to drop off your keys before your guests arrive

I’m an Airbnb guest – how do I collect the keys?

Simply tell the barista / shopkeeper your collection code. Your host will be notified automatically.

Need somewhere closer to your home?

Email your postcode to and we’ll open a new KeyNest within 2-4 weeks. We have quite a few cities coming soon, so don’t hesitate to let us know if you’re outside of London, too.

How do I know my keys are safe?

Your keys are held in a safe behind the counter and have a KeyNest RFID fob attached. The fob keeps your keys anonymous and traceable. KeyNest staff or its platform will never ask you for your address. We recently gained recognition as the only insurance-approved key exchange solution in our sector.

What are you doing to develop trust on your platform?

When you rent your biggest asset to strangers you want to know that everything is running smoothly. The ability to track keys online at any time gives our customers total peace of mind. Should you ever require assistance, we have a 24/7 support line for hosts and guests.

How does KeyNest contribute to the wider sharing economy?

Our infrastructure has enabled tens of thousands of travellers check-in at other people’s homes. In the process, we’ve saved our customers countless hours waiting for late guests; and have actually enabled many of them to share their homes for the first time whilst they’re away on holidays.

London’s sharing economy is growing at an astonishing rate, with the number of Airbnb listings doubling every year. We’re very proud that KeyNest is also contributing to that incredible growth journey as we are relied upon by an increasing number of hosts, and gradually establishing ourselves as one of the building blocks of London’s sharing economy.